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Here you will find everything you need to create your own fundraising campaign.


How to create your fundraiser
step by step

  1. Find a teacher or adult sponsor, let him know you would like to run a fundraising campaign. Download the Letter for Teachers and print it or use it as a template and add your own words.
  2. Choose the activities you find more attractive, or the ones you think will be allowed at your school. You can choose as many as you wish.
  3. Choose the date 

  4. Present your ideas at the next school assembly, or find the appropriate time to do it if the assembly is not soon. Use the Power Point presentation that you can download here, and add, in the page especially dedicated to it, the activities you have chosen.
  5. Print out the posters we have uploaded or create your own posters to help you promote your campaign within the school grounds. 
  6. Everything is ready for you to start collecting donations!!!

  7. Collect and count all the donations and give them to the teacher sponsor. The teacher sponsor will then make the online donation through our website
Remember, all the time you must to be in communication with your adult/teacher sponsor to let him know the whereabouts of your campaign. 

List of fundraising activities


1. Dress down 

(suggested donation $2-5)

Comida Mexicana

2. Mexican Dinner specialty

(Pay $2-5 and try the delicious Mexican specialty for tonight)


3. Bake Sale


4. Movie Night 

(donate $2-5, with or without popcorn sale)

Dulces Mexicanos

5. Mexican Candy sale

(talk Mexican students into donating some of their Mexican goodies for sale)


6. Sell the “#HelpMexicoRebuild” bracelet 

($5 each)

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