To those who worked to make this happen

We would like to THANK YOU in a very special way for helping us help…. 

Fundación Kaluz, Thank you for believing in us and making us part of your wonderful project

Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya thank you for your inconditional support and for the excellent work in Coatlán Oaxaca

Susana Franyutti, Residence of the Mexican Embassy in London, Mexican Chamber of Commerce London, Milene Hayaux du Tilly, Mestizo Restaurant, Café Pacífico, and Tequila Cuervo, Thank you for the wonderful “Artists for Children” event, thanks to every one that made it posible, for your dedication and time spent organizing it and making it happen

Fanny Gerson, La Newyorkina, Remezcla Quarters NYC, and everyone who made the NY Mexico event posible Thank you for your enthusiasm, your trust and the love you put in it.

The Marymount School New York, The Eagle Hill School, The Miss Hall´s School, The St. George School, thank you for helping your community help, thank you for your generous grant

Florence Peyrelongue, Alexandra Boker, Mariana Gómez Pimienta, Vanessa Guerra, Sofía Gutiérrez, Felipe McCoy, Marcelo Santana, Cristóbal Flores, Martina Orbea, Mayalen Uribe, Adriana Orozco, Ariadna Bustindui, Maitane Pineda, Marielle Kothari, Camila Bustindui, Ana Paula y Javier Alvarado, Samuel Maldonado, and all the volunteers for your enthusiastic work at your schools and communities

The Us-Mexico Foundation, thank you for your support and constant attention